The business name, SJOKOLADE in honor of Jonica’ s precious, Norwegian grandmother, who was the heart of their family gatherings.  She made the dinners, baked the cakes and created the treats. And fudge?, yes fudge.  Whether it was a birthday party, Christmas, or Thanksgiving, it was understood, it was always at Grandma’s house.     The word, SJOKOLADE means to Chocolate, in Norwegian.

Following in her grandmother’s footsteps, Jonica has created her own unique, Silky Fudge.   She has been making and gifting her Silky Fudge  for over 30 years! The journey started quite simply; when Jonica attended a birthday party or baby shower, the gift would always be accompanied by a homemade, decadent, sweet treat. Her Silky Fudge!  If she needed a dinner party hostess gift, she would bring the chocolate, because someone else always brought the wine! At her Real Estate closings, everyone received a beautifully packaged gift bag with her Silky Fudge.  You get the picture!

The comments from those who received the fudge were always the same;” This  is amazing, and so creamy! How do you make this? “   Of course everyone wanted the recipe, but she kept the process and the ingredients a secret……….. Friends, family and clients continued to tell her if she wasn’t going to share the recipe she would have to start a business, and SELL it !!  So….. fast forward a couple decades to 2018 and  SJOKOLADE  was launched, in Jonica’s home state, of Minnesota!

Now you can enjoy this decadent Silky Fudge, share it, and create your own sweet traditions!

The beautiful landscape of Norway!

The beautiful landscape of Norway!

Grandma Hagen- Frank- Norwegian Ancestry  Grandpa Frank - German Ancestry

Grandma Hagen- Frank- Norwegian Ancestry

Grandpa Frank - German Ancestry